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New Owner, New Menu

Chin's Kitchen now serves delicious Northeastern Chinese cuisine! Our noodles and dumplings are handmade daily to maintain freshness and a sense of home cooking. 

Northeastern staple dishes like Guo Bao Rou and La Pi 

are must try!



Hollywood’s 67-Year-Old Chin’s Kitchen Is Suddenly Making Some of the Finest Chinese Food in Portland…handmade dumplings are nothing short of a revelation. 

- Willamette Week 2017


A Little About Dong Bei Jiao Zi

"Nothing's tastier than dumplings. Nothing's more comforting than lounging." This temperament is indicative of the outlook Northeastern Chinese, known as Manchurian, have on life and how much they love dumplings. Every northeastern family knows how to make dumplings from scratch. Girls from the region all learn from their mothers how to make dough, fillings, and how to wrap dumplings.

Northeastern dumplings are known for their distinct wrapper, generous filling, and juiciness. Dumplings are also balanced, containing protein, vegetables, and carbs. There are various fillings: shrimp, pork, beef etc. Time-honored tradition and highest quality ingredients combine to make perfect little packages. Every dumpling is made with dedication and pride.


When the holidays come, dumplings play center stage. Friends and family gather together in co-operation creating dumplings and a festive atmosphere. To northeasterners, making dumplings isn't simply bringing different ingredients together, but people as well.